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Pirin, Belasitsa, Ograjden

XC Biking 

Sandanski area

This trip is ideal for people who are looking for some more challenge both physical and technical. It follows a variety of terrains including not too technical single tracks.

Best periods:

  • beginning April to middle/end June
  • beginning September to end of November

Why Sandanski?

Old name of Sandanski is Sveti Vrach (Saint Healer) - the sunniest Bulgarian town with average sun shining 2450 hours per year. It is one of the best places in Europe for healing pulmonary diseases due to the low level of allergenic particles in the air. Climate is influenced by Mediterranean Sea. The small town is located in South-western part of Bulgaria. The hot natural thermal springs in the area make a significant recreational feature. What more is necessary for a perfect active holiday? Oh, yes! Mountains, and mountain forests and peaks, of course! The town itself is located in the southern slopes of the second highest Bulgarian mountain – Pirin, which is nearly 3000m and National park with 2 UNESCO reserves. Just nearby in the valley is Belasitsa Mountain Natural Park and 4 different mountains that vary from 1800m to 2300m. All of them are shining; all of them are made of crystals. They are full of trails for ALL LEVEL Mountain Biking, hiking, running - a real PARADISE. Small isolated villages, local people, local rural life, donkeys, tasty fruits and vegetables, GREAT LOCAL WINE…. are some of the unique features of that amazing area.

There is a lot of history here as well. An ancient land, Sandanski is the native place of SPARTACUS according to all antique historians. IN SITU is well shown a Roman center complex, including bishop's basilica as well as some of the biggest surface of mosaics in Bulgaria. Not far are the ruins of Heraklea Syntica – another big Roman town on the Balkans…

Here you can pick up some (or all ;-)) of my guided itineraries...

Pirin mountain – Sandanski area

Easy to explore some of the very nearby hills and villages around Sandanski located on the southern slopes of the imposing Pirin mountain. It will be a nice mixture light offroad with pastoral tarmac sections.

Malishevska mountain – Ridges ride

Short transfer. A small but very nice mountain with ancient sanctuary places which will visit on our ride today. Fantastic panoramic sceneries towards Pirin mountain and of course crossing of small isolated villages where time is having a different measurement… Transfer back.

Belasitsa/Ograjden mountain – Waterfalls and “Iron Curtain Trail”

Belasitsa’s ancient name is Orbelus which means shiny mountain. Mixture of forest roads, tarmac section from the “Iron Curtain Trail” international itinerary. Option for visiting of active local monasteries. And probably assist to some of the local celebrations that are quite colorful and marked with warm hospitality. As well a possible short walk to visit some of the numerous forest waterfalls in the area.

Pirin mountain – Melnik area

Again we are coming back to pay visit of some twice holy places. First as real mystical and very beautiful monasteries such as Rojenski. Secondly the holy ride across “vineyards” land of one of the very famous wine production region by crossing small villages and riding on old off-road connecting these villages. All this is dominated by lovely views of the surrounding mountains and planes.Visit of Melnik – the town of wine.

Pirin Mountain – Sandanski Ilindentsi

Direct departure from Sandanski. Uphill section will bring us in the outskirts of the town and then ride on undulating road to cross village Ploski. From there we visit a highly panoramic spot above Ilindentsi village. Options for wine testing and visit of Art center Ilindentsi (marble carving). Transfer back.

Belasitsa/Ograjden mountain

Transfer. A cocktail of different landscapes ride between the two mountains. Visit of the ruins of Heraklea Syntica, the hot thermal springs of extinguished volcano Kojuh and the nice complex founded by the very famous Bulgarian prophet Vanga who passed away in 1996. Transfer back.



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